Mechanical Bull Rental Pricing

Mechanical Bull rentals for all of Los Angeles County

Pricing & Services

We rent our mechanical Bulls 7 Days a week & on Major Holidays from 5pm - 12pm

Each rental comes with delivery, installation, operational training and pick-up.
For more information please call us at (323) 841-7893 

Monday - Thursday

  • Rental Hours: 5pm - 12pm

Saturdays & Holidays

  • Rental Hours: 5pm - 12pm

Fridays & Sundays

  • Rental Hours: 5pm - 12pm


A $50.00 deposit is required to guarantee your rental. 

  • This deposit is paid across an invoice we email to you. 
  • Deposit is applied to your total balance. 
  • Balance is due on the day of delivery.

We Accept:

  •  Cash
  •  Venmo
  • Cash app
  • Credit Cards

*If using a card on file to pay the remaining balance, a 4% convenience fee will apply. 

No checks.

Distance Fees: 

The first 30 miles are included in the price. 

  • 30 - 40 miles: +$3.00 per mile
  • 40+ miles: +$5.00 per mile (After the first 30 miles)

Find The Distance With Google Maps Below

Operator Fees: 

1-5 Hours:  +$190.00 

5 or more Hours: +$100.00 per hour

This is an optional service, which ends no later than midnight. 


  1. Preferred air mattress: +$50.00

This only applies if  you select a particular air mattress. Which is the jumper that inflates around the bull.

     2. Power Generator: +$75.00

  • Run time is 6 hours on a full tank. 
  • We provide an additional empty gas tank should you run out of gas. 
  • Only needed if there are no power outlets nearby such as parks or parking lots.

*Required Space For Mechanical Bull*

The dimensions of the air mattress are 15' x 15' and we suggest a 2 foot walk around area around it. Suggested area would be 17’ x 17’.

We recommend measuring the area of installation. 

Weight capacity is up to 300 pounds.

Electrical power required are two separate 110v wall outlets. One for controller, other for blower. 

We supply extension cords.

Request A Reservation

With this information, we will create a booking & send an email confirmation back to you.

*Please Note* Let us know in advance If there is more than 1 step and / or less than 36" of walking path to access installation.

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